Monday, October 6, 2014



I finally got the NARS Ita brush. And it's been sitting pretty because I don't have any contour powder.

So I ordered MAC Shadowy sculpting powder. But that's going to take a minute to get here. 

So then..I realized I can use EYESHDOW to contour (MAC Mystery). It's annoying to dip the brush in it...but it will do in the meantime. 

So that's what I did. Contoured with my brush. I'm liking it so far. The brush is too cool. 

But that's not the only brush I'm loving. I got the MAC 138. And I LOVE it. Works great for powder, blush, and bronzer. 

These brushes are quite expensive but I got them both $25 off. I'm a thrifty shopper ya know.

Of course, if you contour you have to add other stuff to the face. So I added some shadow.

I was playing with the electric palette some and came up with this. Pink and purple. The pink shade is so powdery. I think my Makeup Forever neon pink wins but it still is very pretty. Maybe I should have used a white base underneath. Speaking of bases, I wanted to order MAC Painterly Paint Pot but I'm not sure....I shall see.

I should have filled my eyebrows in and added false lashes but I got lazy. Story of my life.