Monday, October 6, 2014

Vegetable and Baked Frittata

It's been a minute since I cooked anything.... I really feel like baking something complicated. Like a Snickers cheesecake. But do I need all those calories. Probably not. 

Anyway, I have a healthy recipe from one of my favorite magazines. A vegetable frittata. Which is another way of saying an omelet. I like frittata better. Sound fancy.

Anyway, this is frigate healthified. Lot's of protein and veggies to start the day out. Honestly I thought this would be nasty. But it was actually really good. Just a lot more effort than I am used to putting into breakfast. 

I couldn't find cremini mushrooms so I just picked up some other brown ones I found in the store. I added a ton of asparagus because it's good for you. And normally I hate dill but it did nicely here (listen to me talking like i know spices..mmhmm.) And the peas were unexpected but actually really good. 

I used full fat feta...and regular turkey bacon. 


Even though it looks gross.

I would add a photo seems I deleted it. Oops.

Next post will have a photo. Promise.