Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mini Urban Decay Haul

If you can call it that!

Urban Decay is expensive which prevents me from going to crazy. A couple weeks ago they were having the Urban Decay Friends and Family even and you got 15% off so I had to order. 

I love Urban Decay but I've only tried their eyeshadows and a few samples here and there. I wanted to branch out which is why I ended up picking up two lipsticks. That and I really wanted the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction lipstick- Mrs Mia Wallace.

So I got that lipstick-although I think the color is easily dupable. My NXY Chaos lipstick is very similar-maybe a tinge brighter. Both are beautiful reds. 

Then I picked up the lipstick in the shade bang. A gorgeous super pigmented orange shade. 

Takes my breath away!!

And I picked up the super curling mascara. I had a mini of it and just LOVED it-so I figured I would pick up a full size!

Stay tuned for reviews!!