Monday, November 3, 2014

Smashbox On the Rocks

I was in the store..minding my own business when I noticed these. I know Smashbox comes out with the Masterclass palettes for the holidays but I didn't know they had an exclusive palette through Ulta. The bigger one costs $42 and the baby goes for $36. My store was selling the large one for $33 and $12 for the small one(I think they mispriced it) so I grabbed them both. 

I've tried a couple Smash box products (mascara, primer, foundation, glosses) and only really loved one. So it's a brand I feel so-so on.  But at those prices and considering one of their trios go for 30 bucks I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try their photo-op shadows. I had heard a lot of raves for them too.

The shadows are nice-really pigmented and blend-able. 

The big palette is obviously the better deal and only one shade overlaps-Sapphires. 

Most of the shades are shades from the trios.  

So the big one comes with 28 shades. Only three of them so far are complete duds. The others are nice enough. It has some neutrals and also some nice pops of color. I bought it for the pops of color. Peacock and Zoom are gorgeous and I don't have any shades like that in my collection.

I only took swatches of a couple. When I do the review I will get better swatches.

The smaller one has a nice selection of jewel colors- but no medium matte brown shade. I feel like they could have eliminated one of the matte light shades and placed a blending color in it. 
It has 12 shades in it. 

The packaging is nice-although a little hard to open on both. They both have pics of holographic diamonds on them cute. The small one is very travel friendly. The big one is very bulky and takes up quite a bit of space. 

I do notice some of the shadows are quite powdery but if you tap your brush off you should be fine. I did a purple and gold look and was kind of disappointed with how the purple faded into black but it could have been my base that was responsible. I will have to keep experimenting. 

I'm going to have so much fun with these. Now I have my eye on Too Faced The Return of Sexy palette. It has some gorgeous looking purples in it...