Thursday, November 20, 2014

Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector

My mom won a Clinique basket and when I saw this in it, I snatched it up. Getting a $50 facial care product for free...who can complain about that?

Clinique claims:
Prescription-strength serum improves dark spots 58% at 12 weeks. At 4 weeks, all skin tones can expect to see a 1-2 visible shade improvement in dark spots.

It's gentle enough for year-round use. Works on past acne marks, too.

I don't have the worst acne in the world but I do get a couple of spots every now and then. And those spots always leave scars. Always! One side of my face is pretty clear and the other side looks like a leopard. I haven't been able to figure out why that is...maybe I sleep on that side? Any who, all I know is I'm trying to get rid of those evil spots without the use of bleach or something that will harm  my skin.

This seemed like a good product to try for that. 

First off, you are supposed to use it twice a day and I would do that sometimes-but not all the time. A couple of days I even skipped so that may have impacted my results. I've been using it for well over four weeks though. I would say since September 15th and it's now the end of November. This claims to be a four week supply and I have gotten well over four weeks. 

It's supposed to show the most improvement after 12 weeks but a 12 week supply will cost ya $138. I just don't have that kind of money to spend on a serum. Anyway, my one ounce bottle is still going strong.

The packaging is really nice. A sleek little bottle with a pump. No complaints there. 

The serum is light weight and seems to absorb pretty quickly. It moisturizes a teeny bit and plays well with makeup. 

If I had any sense what I would have done was take a before/after pictures but I don't feel like looking at photos of my spots. And unfortunately there really wasn't much improvement for me.

Maybe a small amount of fading-but not enough to justify dropping fifty bucks. I still wear foundation and I can still see the marks through medium coverage foundation. 

I'm pretty bummed that this product didn't work for me. I will continue using until the bottle is gone but I wouldn't repurchase (or even take another bottle for free).

Clinique facial care just doesn't seem to work with my skin unfortunately. I may try the Garnier one and do a review on that but for now I'll just keep putting a little concealer on the marks.

How do you get your spots to fade? Any natural remedies?