Monday, November 24, 2014

Dee Dee Warwick

I love listening to music other people in my age group do not. Something about always listening to what everyone else listens too just...puts me off. That doesn't mean I don't listen to popular music (I do) but I just like having music others don't listen to. Makes me feel more individual. Sounds silly I know.

Now, about Miss Dee Dee Warwick...most people probably haven't heard of her. I don't even really know how she wound up on my IPOD but I figured I would give her a listen. She's Dionne Warwick's sister and somehow related to Whitney Houston. 

She has quite a powerful voice and some decent songs but of course...I only keep my faves.

One of them being "You're No Good". 

This song was on repeat for months. Then not too long after I discovered it, I heard it on True Blood as the credit went up. It was a different singer but the same song. 

Definitely worth listening too if you like oldies. 

And another song I like by her is Foolish Fool. It's a song that seems to have been done by a couple different artists.

Unfortunately she's not very popular but I just love her voice and think she is definitely an artist worth listening too.