Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!!

So..I know I'm a little late but I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving surrounded by family and fattening food and I also hope you took advantage of some of the great sales they had going on for Black Friday!!

I got 1/3 of my shopping done and scored a few goodies for myself. I took advantage of the NARS 20% off sale and finally bought the beauty blender. Yay!!

Thanksgiving food was pretty meh for me because my dad didn't do all the cooking-and some of the food was....not what I'm used too.

But I did make something for Thanksgiving.

Brace yourself.

I made a Snickers Cheesecake with homemade oreo crust, topped with snickers and homemade caramel. I only WISH I had leftovers. That sucker is gone.

But I saved a pic to share with you all.


Wish I had saved a piece for myself. 

What did you make for Thanksgiving? Also, what did you get on sale?