Thursday, December 18, 2014

Make Up Forever Sculpting Kit in Dark: First Impressions

Can you do a written first impressions? I see them on youtube all the time but I've never seen someone do a written review. I'll do it anyway....I like to live my life on the edge! 

Anyway, since contouring is all the rage I wanted to try a couple things for it. Plus I picked up the Nars Ita brush and don't really use it much. I've experimented with cream contour by using the deepest shade in my Make Up Forever Concealer palette and that works amazingly well. But like I said, I wanted a good powder product.

Variety is the spice of life, so they say.

 I had ordered MAC Shadowy to use but I struggle with that one because it's a tad too ashy looking on my warm complexion. I needed something with a bit of warmth. 

So Sephora sent me that $15 coupon code and I had to get something. I wanted to buy something I would definitely not ever pay full price for and this was it. I got it for $33 which is still quite expensive but much better than paying $48. 

So...let's talk packaging. I'm never impressed with Make Up Forever packaging. For the price of most their products I think they could do better. It's sleek and nice plastic...but they put the sticker on crooked and the palette squeaks when I open it.

So anyway, not that that is out the way....I love the contour shade. It is perfect for my skin tone. It looks pretty natural and is not all ashy looking. It blends really easily, is super pigmented, and is just really nice to work with. I haven't tried it with the Ita brush yet but I will be trying that next.

The highlight color is something new to me. It's a matte powder that I would have never used if it hadn't come in the kit. It's a very subtle high-light and works really well for setting under eye or adding above the cupid bow, forehead, and other places for a very subtle highlight. I like it...but it wasn't love at first site but maybe it will grow on me as I continue to use it. 

So far I'm impressed! It's really hard finding a contour product for my skin tone. Actually now that I have this I just heard about the ELF contour palette in Turks and Caicos that's supposed to be amazing on women of color. I may have to pick that up and see how I like it. 

I think it's too expensive. I can see paying $30 for it...but $48 is just a little excessive.

What is your favorite contour product?  Whats the most you would pay for one?

Let me know in the comments!

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