Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Playtime: Black Lips

I hate how when you watch videos on youtube you now HAVE to watch the commercials. I don't  remember it being so irritating before. And there doesn't seem to be much variety. I clicked on five different vids and watched the same commercial for each. Ugh. I'm complaining but it won't stop me from watching youtube.

Anyway, I got it in my head that I needed to try black lips. And my OCC pack made that super easy since there is a matte black shade in it. 

I think I got the idea in my head from when I was watching the Isley Brothers Contagious video. Mr. Biggs love interest wore black lipstick. 

Or at least I thought it was black. Doesn't look like it in the picture but whatever.

Anyway, it was just something I had to put on. Kind of like black nail polish, which I love by the way. Although black nail polish is a lot easier to wear than black lipstick.

I'm not sure where I would wear it, but I like it. It's just a little high maintenance. You really need to cover quite a bit of the inside of your showing through is not that cute.

Other than that, it's edgy, sexy, and I love it.

Ignore my terrible brows. I really need to get them done or learn to fill them in.