Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Our Own Candle Company Blueberry Pie

I have found my new favorite candle brand!

I knew I was officially done with Yankee Candle because the quality of them has seriously declined over the years while the price has steadily gone up. So it was time to ditch them. I wanted something that was cheap and still smelled amazing....I had looked at a small business but I wasn't impressed by the customer service so that was out.

Our Own Candle Company claims:
Does the thought of warm Blueberry pie straight from the oven make your mouth water? Then this is the candle for you. We looked long and hard for the best Blueberry Pie scent out there and we found it. Now we have brought it to you. Don't wait to try this fantastic scent.

Then I was on Amazon and I saw Our Own Candle Company. I had seen a banana bread one that smelled divine but it was only $3.99 and the snob in me didn't think the quality could be that amazing at that cheap price.

Fast forward a year....and I was looking at candles on Amazon and found these. And they had AMAZING reviews. The price was high...almost ten dollars for most and free shipping if you order $35 plus. So into the cart it went.

I went for the blueberry scent because after I had sniffed the Yankee Blueberry Scone candle I really wanted a blueberry candle. This doesn't smell like that candle but it smells soooo good.

Like...blueberry pie. Only I can't really smell the crust. But who needs to smell the crust in a candle that smells as good as this?

And it's nice and strong. The whole way down the candle. And burns evenly. No aluminum foil or tricks to make it burn how it's supposed to.

I promise it smells just like this picture looks. It had me dreaming about baking a blueberry pie every time I lit it. And topping it with some ice-cream. 


Anyway, I seriously love this candle and recommend giving it a try especially if you are a fan of food  or berry scents.

When it's all gone, wash it out and use it as a cup.

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