Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My Latest Obsession: Tea

I just learned that I have a very obsessive nature. Once I get interested in something I can read about it for hours. I think it started with makeup, progressed to a vitamix and healthy foods, and now it's tea. I've always loved Tea and usually drink at least a cup most days. Until now, I had only been into bagged teas. The ones you find in the grocery store. Supposedly, those are the worst in terms of quality. If you want quality they say you need loose tea.

Not leftover tea dust.

Anyway, now that I'm back in the states I have access to all sorts of stores that I hadn't before. So we were in the mall ca couple weeks ago and they had a Teavana. I tried the samples, liked them, but never went into the store. And luckily so. I haven't read the most pleasant things about the shopping experience they provide. Plus, in the mall I window shop but ultimately prefer to purchase online. I can always find better deals and I get cash back shopping that way. 

Anyway, my sister was shopping for gifts online and she found a Teavana set online. It was on sale for $50 so she got it. Of course, I wanted one to because it had such interesting looking flavors. But I didn't want to pay that much. So she was on the site again...and I started looking up coupon codes. And that day they had one for $30 off of $80. I wanted two gifts sets that totaled that amount so I bought them both paying $56 including tax for both. BARGAIN! 

I got the Ultimate Winter Collection and Tea Gift Set. 

So the Ultimate Winter Set comes with  twelve 1 ounce teas which averaged out to $2.33 a tea. Not bad.

The tins aren't labeled and I read a lot of complaints about that in the review. For the price I paid I can't complain too much. I just cut the sticker off the bag and stuck it to the bottom. And I only opened one tea out the set. I'll leave the other's closed until I want to steep them. The only thing that bugs me is the use of artificial flavoring. I wish they relied on the herbs and tea to flavor them instead. 

The next set is an amazing starter set. It comes with everything you need: a teaspoon, german rock sugar, the perfect tea maker (love it, you can watch it while it steeps which is very visually appealing), and some tea. Four 2 ounce sizes of their most popular teas. Actually their cheapest teas. You would think they would add the more expensive ones so you can get hooked on those.

The teaspoon. Nice but not a necessary thing. They used a different metal to do the binding that is super obvious. Not really liking that but it is useful.
This the the Perfect Tea maker. Love it! I used a French Press to make the sample before I got this kit and it works just as well but I won't complain about having this. You can find a french press in store like TJ Maxx and Marshall's at great prices sometimes. I saw a nice one the other day for $7. 

The German Rock sugar is nice. But sugar in the raw is a cheaper alternative that I am more likely to repurchase. 

Comes with really cute storage tins with nice directions on the back. I love the way the tea looks. So much more visually appealing than tea in a bag.

The one I made today was the Slimful Chocolate Decadence. Umm, I'm not a fan. It smells (and tastes) like alchohol, a hint of chocolate, and lot's of coconut.

UPDATE: Tastes much better with milk and sugar but still not my favorite!!

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