Wednesday, December 3, 2014

NARS Blush Collection

I kind of really don't want to write this post. I'll explain a little more as I share the colors I have. Let's say before yesterday I was a huge fan of NARS blushes. They have some of the purest pigments and they aren't powdery. Even the lighter colors that can show up ashy on darker skin show up true to color in my opinion. I don't own the most popular shade "Orgasm" because it never appealed to me outside of the genius name it is for a blush. I have a dupe of it and it just shows up as a gold highlight on my skin.

Anyway, on with the collection.

First up we have Coeur Battant which was a limited edition. I basically picked it up because it's pretty unique to Nars blushes. It super bright. Way more bright than it shows in the picture. It looks nice on but there was definitely a learning curve. I think this one is easily dupable and don't find the formula to be that great. 

Next up we have Seduction. Described as a "sangria". It's a really beautiful color. However, mine sucks. The other blushes are really soft...easy to pick up with a brush, easy to blend, just like butter. THIS one is impossible to pick up. I have to scrub my brush into it and it For thirty bucks..thats unacceptable. I tried to write the NARS company and I found their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. They say "You need to return it to where you got it." Ummm....but in the meantime how about an apology for the horrible quality and maybe take a batch code down? I think I may be over collecting these blushes. I have three more on the way and am getting one for Christmas but I don't feel the need to collect any more after that. I may pick up one thing occasionally but not as often as I used to. 

And now Liberte. This is a pretty recent purchase. Described as "burnished apricot". I haven't used it much. It looks more like a brown orange matte shade. I think it's beautiful though and it's super pigmented and easy to work with.

So Taos is next. I would have never bought it based on the description. Nars calls it a desert rose with shimmer. Rose colors just strike me as boring but each time I swatched it I couldn't get over how pretty it was. 

Taj Mahal. This was the first Nars blush I truly wanted (and got). I heard it touted on youtube as a must have for chocolate girls. And I've seen it look just as stunning on fair skin. This one is beautiful. I wear it when I want to look...great. But I do save it for special occasions. Supposedly it was formulated specifically for super model Naomi Campbell.

Torrid. I just got this a couple weeks ago. Basically I bought it because it's coral with shimmer. And I just had to own a coral blush. I don't even remember what it looks like on but it is a beautiful color. I'm going to have to try some on. Hmm.

Outlaw. This is another I wouldn't have bought based on description but this is a really pretty color. "Soft Rose with golden shimmer."  It gives a rosy look to my face which actually looks quite pretty. Pigmented and nice to work with. 

And last but certainly not least. Exhibit A. The most intimidating color ever. But my favorite. This shade is beautiful. MUST OWN!! If you pick one shade out of all this...pick this one. 

And that's my whole collection. I have Lovejoy, Casino, and Gina on the way. And then I shall be done. No more Nars blushes for least not as frequently as I was buying them before. Time to find another brand. 

Any suggestions? I was eyeing the Tarte ones but was unsure about most of the shades..