Wednesday, December 10, 2014

NARS Jaipur Candle

I'm officially out of Yankee Candles...YAY!!! And unless I find an amazing deal, I won't be buying anymore. Another candle I will be adding to my no buy list. NARS. 

First of all, when did NARS start making candles? I had seen the candles and would pick one up to sniff, the smell good..actually great but they cost $50. And it's not even a big candle. So I always put it back. I was in the store with my mom though and she has this special sense that guides her to reduced racks in whatever store she is in. So she found these...and they were on sale for $10. I got one and she got a couple.

NARS claims:

NARS Candles were created to elevate the senses and instill a peaceful ambiance. Each possesses a uniquely delicious aromatic scent formulated to enhance the mood, inspire the senses and provoke individual memories. Encased in white, black or red matte glass with the NARS logo, each paraffin-free candle is composed of rich essential oils, allowing for an optimum burn time of 70 hours. Top notes of a teasingly sweet blend of citrus are complimented with hints of pomegranate and balanced by rich, exotic floral notes of rose, jasmine and geranium. Full-bodied base notes of amber and vanilla add warmth to the tantalizing scent for an overall sweet and seductive sensory experience.

So I am terrible at describing scents but this smells amazing. It smells high end and it has an AMAZING throw. I'll try to describe it though...kind of citrus and warm at the same time. The scent description will give you a better sense of the scent than I can, but nonetheless I really enjoyed the scent. 

And the packaging is super cute.

But the burn is horrible. 

I lit it up and the scent filled the room and even a lot of other rooms. But when I went to check on it, only the center was burning. It had a serious tunneling problem. And I was burning it in summer. Tunneling is pretty easy to fix with aluminum foil but unfortunately even that didn't fix it. It burned a little bit further but not out to the edges. And this was a $50 candle.

So I kept lighting it up and it kept tunneling. I tried scooping out excess and burning it in an oil warmer but it still tunneled. 

Terrible Candle. I would never buy another. Well, maybe if it were ten dollars.

Like I said, I hated the candles. It's performance gets a big fat F. 

It's saving grace? I cleaned out the wax and store my brushes in it. It makes a super cute brush holder!!!

Other than more NARS candles for me. I guess maybe I shouldn't expect much from a company that's main claim to fame is the makeup-not home fragrance.