Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sally Hansen Push-n-Trim

My cuticles were in a state of emergency. Before we moved back to the states I put my hands through a lot. And I mean a lot. Putting them in bleach and ammonia is no good for the cuticles. So when I finally got to the states I decided to handle  them. But I left my other cuticle trimmer and it got packed up. I got the other one at the dollar store and it worked excellent. This one was almost three dollars so if I was going by price this one should be excellent.

Sally Hansen claims:

So this is horrible.There's a guarantee on it and I'm thinking about sending it back. That's how much I don't like it. But it's always more trouble than it's actually worth to take advantage of the guarantee. I'm pretty sure that's why they put it on there.

Sally Hansen it mostly a hit or miss brand. Usually miss for me. 

The cuticle trimmer drags (90% of the time) when I try to use it the plastic rubber pusher back thingie bends around too much when you try to use it. 

That about sums it up.

Oh except that color. Orange is my favorite color but even that can't save it.

Sorry Sally!

Now back to my Lifetime movies. One of the things I missed most when living overseas. Nothing hits the spot more than dramatic movies loosely based on real life.