Sunday, December 14, 2014

Social Media Promotes....Drag Makeup?

I'm not a makeup artist but I love collecting it, reading reviews, watching reviews, and wearing it. I think most women nowadays get their advice from youtube. It's free, you don't have to buy a magazine or a book..and it's a lot easier to follow a video.

At first when I started watching youtube, I would absorb all the information and take the word of the "gurus" as gospel truth (I exaggerate). Luckily I didn't do the stuff I saw in the vids-mostly because I was broke. Some of those "gurus" use a ton of products! But after watching so many vids I tried to intense highlighting and had an epiphany. I looked so unnatural, I was mortified when I looked in the mirror. It wasn't because I didn't blend just genuinely looked a hot mess.

I tried the Kim K highlight/ contour- didn't like that either. It certainly doesn't look bad on her (most times) but it looks way to fake or overdone for the average person. 

Then I stumbled on this video. 

And I agree with every single word.

Everyone has seen those step by step tutorials on Facebook..and apparently Instagram (I'm never on mine!). And those looks while they look nice in the real life most times especially with those brows it looks a hot mess.

There's a difference between makeup as art and makeup worn to enhance beauty. Social media makeup, in my opinion doesn't really fit in. I've seen people that take those photos to heart and try to recreate the way it looks and it looks so crazy in person. Fake obvious drawn on brows? Why?

Makeup seems to be moving more towards drag looks. And while I think drag is interesting to watch, I don't want to imitate it on my face. When you think about it, drag was created to make a man more feminine. When a woman imitates the drag look, it looks like she is a woman trying to look like a man trying to look like a woman.

What woman wants to seriously look like that?

Not me.

Some youtube artist are amazing and are true artist. Or at least skilled in enhancing natural beauty or creating artistic makeup. But a lot aren't and are using methods of makeup that looks...horrible. Makeup that you would never see well known artist create or celebrities rock.

And can we talk about the Kylie Jenner photo for a moment. Personally, I think she looks better without the extreme contour and big lips. She doesn't even look like a real person in that photo. And the amount of people trying to imitate her by drawing on lips. It looks stupid. If you have natural big lips...good for you. If not, don't draw them. It looks stupid, everyone can tell you drew them on, and it looks like you need glasses or need to put the drink down when doing makeup.

There's a girl I know that has the nicest eyebrows ever. They are thick and I wish I had eyebrows like that. But I don't, Doesn't mean I need to draw them on like hers. I just need to find something in my face (that's naturally there, not something I need to draw in)  that I like/love and emphasize that.

Makeup shouldn't make you look like two completely different people. It should just take your natural beauty and...enhance it a little. 

Rant Over. 

Thanks for listening-what's your opinion?