Friday, January 2, 2015

Best Products of 2014

Or at least the best ones I've tried. This is one of my most favorite posts to do. I get to look back in at all my posts and decide what stood out for me. I love trying new products but unfortunately most things end up just being average.

Before we start, I almost forgot to wish everyone a happy new year!! I hope you all made your resolutions and are ready for all the good fortune that this new year will bring! I started off my new year in Charleston, South Carolina at my grandma's house. And no internet. Hence why this post is a bit late.

Anyway, let's get started...

1. Lush Christmas Eve Bubble Bar-I've tried tried a lot of Lush products (none lately) and most were just OK for me. But this right here...LOVE it. Best Jasmine scent ever. I missed the Lush sale this year or else I may have picked another up.

2. Garnier Fructis Curl Constructing Gel- This stuff gave me some of the most defined curls ever. And on top of that it's pretty cheap-only con is it won't last long.

3. Covergirl Queen Collection Bronzer in Ebony Bronze- I don't think I gave this the best review but it's definitely grown on me. Still not my fave texture but I can appreciate it because finding a deep enough bronzer for darker skin is incredibly difficult. This just helps to add a little depth and bronzer to my skin. Subtle but nice.

4. Urban Decay Electric Palette- The company has been getting on my nerves but I can't deny this is definitely a favorite. I love brights and am sick of neutrals. The colors are pigmented and gorgeous. 

5. Lavnila Vanilla Grapefruit- I love vanilla. I love grapefruit. I love them combined. I love this.

6. Lush Oatifix- I think I mostly love this for the smell. But I think my face was brighter when I used it. I think....

7. Anita Grant Unscented Babbassu Amla Shampoo Bar- I didn't miss this 'til it was gone and I started using something else. Then I missed the way my hair felt after using this. Curls just plain happy and popping out everywhere. Smell was meh but this is an amazing shampoo bar. 

8. ORS Hair Mayonnaise- My hair loves this. It just brings my hair back to life when it's not acting right. Best deep conditioner I have tried. Edit: I'm now at the end of the bottle and realized this really dries my ends...I think it's the mineral oil. No longer a fave!

9. Make Up Forever Concealer Palette- Love the shade range and a nice way to try out different colors. I love the darkest shade for contour and the orange color for darkness. And I can mix my perfect shade for everywhere else. 

10. MAC 182 Buffer Brush- So soft and perfect for mineral foundation. Hate that it costs so much though.

11. Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush- Just as wonderful as Pixiwoo makes it out to be! Happy to have this brush in my collection.

12. NYC Lipstick in Peach Fizz- With brown liner this color looks really nice on me!! And NYC has really stepped up their lipsticks. They still have some improvements to be made. Even so I love this peach metallic shade.

13. Dove Shea Butter Body Wash- I love this body wash...and the lotion. Another shower gel I loved this year was the Suave Mango Mandarin. I'm trying more in the year 2015.

14. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush- Another Real Techniques Brush? Yes, and an excellent one at that. Love this for buffing foundation in.

15. Bed Head Colour Goddess Leave In for Brunettes- Didn't do much for my hair but the SCENT. As a hair perfume...this toffee scent is addicting. 

16.Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation- Perfect Match, long-wearing...only problem is until it meshes with your face oils it can look a little cake up close. 

17. Philosophy Amazing Grace Deodorant- Best deodorant I've tried. Overpriced though.

18. MAC 129- Out of all my blush brushes this is my favorite. Applies and blends.

19. OCC Primary Pack- Best purchase of the year. I can make any color I want. 

20. Rihanna Viva Glam 2- Didn't expect to have 20 but this is definitely a favorite. Unique color and beautiful packaging. And 100% of proceeds to got HIV/AIDS research.

Still shocked I have 20 on my favorite lists. I'm a hard girl to please but managed to find some amazing things this year.....Hopefully 2015 brings even more favorite!!!

What are some of your favorites?

PS- Will do products I hated tomorrow! Stay tuned!!