Sunday, January 4, 2015

Deneice Williams

Silly is probably one of my most favorite songs. You know how some songs can make you feel things you never went through? This is one of those songs. For some reason the lyrics of that song seems to escape most listeners because when I checked the comments on youtube it seems some people think this is a wedding appropriate song. For real though?

If you haven't heard this song you must listen! It will probably sound familiar because it has been heavily sampled. All samples do not do the song justice.

While Silly is my favorite song by Deniece Williams there are a couple others I love. And I mean LOVE.

Free is one of them. Beautiful song. Should be my theme song!

This still comes on the radio now. I wish I could find the music video. She lip singing here.

One song I loved and couldn't believe I had never heard was 'Cause You love Me Baby. Great slept on song.

And again, another song I love- Black Butterfly. Very inspirational song.

And last but not least- It's your Conscious. I think it was her first hit but I could be wrong.

Definitely an artist worth checking out!