Saturday, January 3, 2015

Worst Products of 2014

If I love writing about my favorites, but I love writing about the things I hated even more. 

I'll just jump right into it.

1. Lush Demon in the Dark Soap- Smells like dirt and mint and wrapped in pointless wax. Yuck!

2. Queen of Hearts Perfume- Stinks. Stinks Bad. Run. Run Fast.

3. Keri Shea Butter- Heavy cream. But as thick as it is the moisture doesn't last. 

4. Maybelline Fit Me Stick Foundation- Oily and too orange. I just plain ol' hated it. This and the powder I can't stand. Haven't had much luck with Maybelline Face products. I did hear good things about the concealer so I may try that.

5. Now Shea Butter- It's gritty, it smells funny, and there's a lot better butters out there for the money. I love Shea Butter, but not this.

6. Too Faced Brow Envy- Weird brow colors, odd stencils, weird highlight colors, shiny wax, average to low quality tweezers..should I go on?

7. Shea Moisture Shea Butte Leave In- My hair just doesn't get along with it. I like the ingredients though...

8. Suave Almond-Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner- My hair was a wreck when I used this. It was dry and falling out all the time. The Mizani is doing the same but I won't add it to this list because I don't straighten my hair like they advise.

9. Philosophy Homemade Honey Buns- Didn't like the scent. Formula wasn't that great either. I didn't like the Cherry one either. I'm just not a fan of these. Maybe I need to try more though.

10. Lush Haagenbath Bath Bomb- Like sitting in toothpaste. Bleh!

11. NYC Sharpener- Just...don't...

12. MAC 224- This brush is scratchy and has breakage. Or mine does. I can use it on my face...just not my eyes.

13. Kiehls Lip Balm- Glorified much higher prices.

14. MAC Soft Ochre Paint Pot- I see how this might work for others but it just doesn't work well for me. And the texture could be better.

15. Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss- These are discontinued...but I don't like them so I'm putting them on the list. 

And that's all! Wow, so I had more things I loved this year....that's always good. Can't wait to see what next year's list will look like.

What did you try that you hated this year?


  1. So glad I saw this before buying that Too Faced Brow Palette. Think I'll stick to my sleek one now :-) It's amazing! Great Post hun!

    1. Yeah I didn't like it :( It had great review on youtube though....Waste of money!! I've never tried an eyebrow pencil so I wanna try one of those next!!