Sunday, February 15, 2015

Destiny's Child

Destiny's Child was one of the first groups that I listened to that was my own music outside of what I grew up listening to. I didn't hear anything from their first album but  around the time Bills, Bills, Bills came out we were taking a lot of road trips and that song came on all the time. I loved it. Learned all the words and wanted more. I wasn't into buying CD's at the time though. I didn't even have a CD player.

And then Christmas came along and I got a stereo. My very own STEREO! Along with the stereo I got a couple CD's. Mariah Carey's Rainbow, Christina Aguilera's first album and her Christmas album, and Destiny's Child The Writings on the Wall. I think the Destiny's Child album was my fave. I listened to  it non-stop until I knew all the words. I still know all the words today.

I loved the original Destiny's Child and was bummed when they split, but I kept listening. 

And these are my favorite songs:

Bills, Bills, Bills- This song taught me a lot and is still a fave today!
Bootylicious- Definitely teaches you to love your curves
Bug A Boo
Cater 2 U
Bad Habit
Through With Love
No, No, No Pt 1- Love this song..I remember watching the video on the Writings on the Wall. It was bonus content. I loved having hidden content on CD's. Young folks don't know anything about that!
Independent Women Pt 1 AND Pt 2- Love this song!
Jumpin Jumpin
Say My Name
Brown Eyes
If You Leave

And that's all!

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  1. I remember the first song of theirs I listened to was No, no, no. I loved the slow version!