Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love With Food Box: February 2015

I've been seeing these on youtube quite a bit and although I don't really go for most things I see on there, I thought I would try this out for a couple months. It didn't hurt that I got my first box free ($2 shipping charge). I ordered it in January and could not WAIT to get my February box. 

The best thing about the box is that they donate a meal to a child for each box sold. I love buying things that have great causes like that. So I will be trying it out for the next couple months to see if it's something I want to keep.

My first box came yesterday. It is Mardi Gras themed. Cool!

It comes with a booklet that tells you what comes in it. 

So heres what it came with:

Lemon Wafer Bites by Dolcetto-These sound so good! Can't wait to try them

Traditional Hot Chocolate By Mombana-I love hot chocolate but I don't drink it anymore. I used to love Swiss Miss but the mystery ingredients are too much for me. This has just three sugar, vanilla, and cocoa. 

Olive Oil Potato Chips By Boulder Canyon
I've had the JalapeƱo ones before and they were pretty good. This bag is a nice size! I'm sure I'll like them. The box had a 50 cent off coupon too!

Baked Mac N Cheese Puffs by Skikiddy
I've already eaten these. Definitely a much better alternative to Cheetos. Only 90 calories in a bag! I really like them...they don't taste exactly like Cheetos but they are delicious!

Milk Chocolate Mini Pieces by Divine
I love that this chocolate is fair trade. Haven't tried it yet but I see this at a local store all the time so it will be nice to try. Plus its fair trade. (Tried it, better than Hershey's but just regular milk chocolate).

Tony's Creole Seasoning
I love seasoning but...I wish they hadn't included this. We have a ton of this seasoning and the sample packets leave something to be desired. :( I tried it on scrambled eggs though and it was pretty good. You get two packets.

Very tiny little bar. I'm saving this for after a strength workout. I don't really eat protein bars but I'm not opposed to trying them. This has only three ingredients which is great! (Tried it, it tastes like almond butter and protein. Good option for a protein bar but I wouldn't buy it)
Toffee Crush Truffle cremes by Dilettante 
I gave my sister one and she liked it. I'm saving the other for a chocolate craving. Sounds delicious though! ( These were good...probably wouldn't buy it again though!)
And that's it! 
I'm super excited to try these things and see how I like them. So far I'm liking the box. Not sure I would recommend it at this point because I would like to try them more. BUT if you are interested in trying it anyway I have a link you can click. You can try the first box for free.

I tried the Teavana Mulled Cider's OK. It's naturally sweet. Love the chunks of citrus in it...but it doesn't really taste like anything special.

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