Friday, February 27, 2015

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Brush #010: Precision Lip Brush

I'm not a lip brush girl. I apply straight from the tube. But when I got the Primary Pack by OCC I discovered you absolutely cannot apply those directly to your lips. You have to use a brush. So I was really glad it came with their brush...valued at $18. I paid for the kit so I wouldn't say I got it free, but I certainly didn't pay $18 for it.

OCC claims:
  • For those who prefer a more traditional lip brush, the rounded tip of the bristles comes to a firm point, for a perfect application of Lip Tar or your other favorite lip products.
I only have one other lip brush that I got when I was in high school. It is a mini MAC brush. I don't use it all that often but at times it has come in handy. And it looks exactly the same as the day I got it. 

This I've had since December and the paint is already starting to chip off. On an $18 brush....

I take care of the brush the exact same as I take care of my other brushes and none of them have EVER chipped off like that. I'm not sure if I should write the company...because that is just not acceptable...

As for the looks like the $1 E.L.F brushes. In fact, it's a lot like the mini concealer brush from ELF...except this is brown and a bit longer and wider. 

I can't complain about how it applies product though. But honestly you can get lip brushes much cheaper that do the same thing. A lip brush is not something I think you have to invest big in to get great results. 

Overall, while I am a fan of the lip tars, I am most definitely not a fan of this brush and probably won't look into anymore.

Have you tried any OCC brushes? What was your experience with them?

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