Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Our Own Candle Company Apple Pie/Cinnamon/Vanilla

I'm almost done reviewing all of the Our Own Candle Company candles I got. Turns out I didn't love any of them nearly as much as I loved the Blueberry Pie but they are still pretty good candles.

Our Own Candle Company claims:
This triple-layer candle contains the great scents of Apple Pie, Cinnamon and Vanilla. You will love the way they blend together.

So far I've never come across a candle that smells true to the apple pie scent. Bath and Body works probably has the worst apple pie scent ever. This is a lot better but still not apple pie. In fact, this smells nearly identical to Bath and Body Works super popular Leaves candle. Leaves is available only in the fall so if you miss it during the year this might be a good one to pick up. Of course the candle has three other scents in it so keep that in mind.

The Cinnamon layer smells exactly like the Apple Pie layer with a tad more cinnamon.

And the last layer vanilla doesn't really have much of a scent.

This candle isn't anywhere near as strong as the Bath and Body Works one but it does scent the room. Another thing to keep in mind if you are buying it as a dupe for that candle.

Performance as always is excellent. Burns evenly. Just remember to keep that wick trimmed or it may smoke!

Overall, I like it....but it's nothing I would go out my way to buy or recommend.

I'm thinking maybe the three layers aren't really for me. I like the single candle scents so much better.

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