Thursday, February 19, 2015

Sephora Birthday Gift 2015- A Closer Look

I love the Sephora Birthday Gifts. This is only my second one but it helps to add a little extra excitement to get a birthday gift- absolutely free! I loved last years gift- the mascara was amazing and although the lipstick isn't completely my color I could rock it with the right look. 

When I saw that this years gift was from NARS I couldn't help but get a little excited. I love NARS blushes (except one) and was excited to try more of their lip stuff. 

You get two "lip pencil" type products in a cute little box.  

The shades you get are Cruella and Rikugien (how do you say that?).

The first thing I noticed was that they don't twist up. So the product you see is exactly what you get. I think the Makeup Forever Gift was a lot more generous last year because with my big lips I can go through the product very quickly. 

Which I did.

So let's talk about Rikugien first. Which is apparently named for a garden in Tokyo.

I love how NARS names introduce me to things/places I've never heard of before.

While that garden is very impressive- the lip shade was not. It's a sheer neutral pink. Snooze.

The wear is OK. 

I'm glad I didn't pay for it though because everything about it is rather average.

The second shade I like a lot better.  I always think of Cruella  when I use it though...

It's a matte scarlet red. Actually it's a passionate scarlet red, according to NARS. I really love this shade. I think it looks good on me in person-not so much in photographs. The struggle. If I wasn't on a red lip color diet I would want this (too many reds in my collection already!). It's not drying and the lasting power is decent.

One thing I really don't like about it is it moves. Everywhere. I can't keep it in my lines to save my life. Mirror check=necessary.

It doesn't go with my eye makeup today though..Oh well.

So like I said I like the gift last year much better and probably won't purchase any of these. 

But I will enjoy these until they are gone.

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