Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blueberry Banana Orange Smoothie

I love Smoothies. And I love my Vitamix.

I've made a bajillion green smoothies since I've had it, but rarely do I ever just make a regular fruit smoothie. I feel so guilty if my smoothie doesn't have anything green in it. Almost like I'm being unhealthy. 

This is the first smoothie recipe that comes in another Vitamix book but they also have the recipe posted on there website.

I wasn't sure how it was going to taste. Mostly it tastes like orange with a little banana. Frozen blueberry never lend much in terms of flavor to my smoothies. Not sure why.

And it is sweet. On it's own. No sugar added. I'm thinking it was the orange. In which cases I need to add more oranges to my smoothies because I usually have to add some stevia or honey to make it a tad sweeter. 

I don't think this recipe needs a Vitamix. A regular blender should be able to handle it.

Overall, love this smoothie and highly recommend.

I think I'm going to take Vitamix suggestion and try and make this into a sorbet tonight. All you do it add ice. 

Nom, Nom, Nom.