Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cococare 100% Cocoa Butter

I'm about to use a analogy that probably doesn't make sense. But I'm going to try anyway

I have two children. They are Shea Butter and Cocoa Butter. I fell in love with Cocoa Butter first. It was what we always had in the bathroom growing up. Plus my mom fully endorsed the use of cocoa butter for everything. Got a boo boo? Put some Cocoa Butter on it. Got a scar? Put some Cocoa Butter on it. Dry Patches? Put some Cocoa Butter on it. Then along came Shea Butter. I didn't find out about Shea Butter until I was a sophomore in college. I had seen it featured in a couple products but had no idea what it was. When I found out I started using it for everything and Cocoa Butter fell to the backboard. Sorry Cocoa. It's just that Shea Butter melts faster, spreads easier, and I can use it straight in my hair. But lately I've been loving Cocoa Butter (the forgotten child) again. But I still won't forget about my Shea butter. Actually I think I've found the balance to love both butters (children) equally. 

So anyway, out with the analogy and onto the review. 

CocoCare claims:
Nature's perfect moisturizer. 100% Cocoa Butter goes on smooth and its emollient qualities make it an ideal moisturizer for all skin types. This all natural moisturizer hydrates dry skin and aids in the prevention and treatment of stretch marks. 100% Cocoa Butter. 100% Pure.

So like I said, growing up we always had a stick of Cocoa Butter in the bathroom. And with good reason.

First off, it smells amazing. Just like chocolate. If you love the scent of chocolate, then you need this in your life. I love it. Can't get enough. I could smell it for the rest of my life. Unfortunately the smell doesn't last on this one. At least not that I can detect. But I love it anyway. 

As for performance? Cocoa Butter is amazing. It works amazing on cuts (everything heals quicker and less of a chance of scars), it's moisturizing and helps to get rid of dry patches-especially on elbows and knees), seriously it's a miracle in a tube. I waxed my barely there facial hair and broke out in a million bumps. I've been rubbing this on the area and it has been healing so much faster than the last time I did that plus it looks like it won't leave a scar. (I get amnesia when it comes to waxing. I do it, break out, swear I've learned my lesson and that I will never do it again- forget about it and go through it again six months later. Sometimes I'm not that smart!). 

Cocoa Butter does have it's drawbacks though. It's so hard to spread on. In order for it to melt it needs body heat. And I'm never that warm. So full body application is a pain but just applying to dry spots works decently. 

I find if I warm it on my lips that seems to help melt it more- however weird that sounds. 

And while I have trouble rubbing it over my body I find I can get it on my face a lot easier. And it makes an excellent facial moisturizer. Dry skin doesn't stand a chance. And it helps quite a bit with scars although I've never been able to completely fade them. I don't get breakouts from it either! I can only use it at night though since it's so moisturizing.

I don't really like the packaging on this particular Cocoa stick. It's very difficult pushing the stick up to use it. I wish it was a swivel. But I can work with it. I usually push it up and leave it open on the counter. Probably not the best way to keep it but it works for me. 

I will also mention that while I like this stick I paid around 65 cents for it on sale. I've seen them priced at nearly two dollars. While that's not terribly expensive you can definitely buy higher quantities of Cocoa Butter that makes it priced better buy the ounce. Once I go through these (I have five) I will be checking out a couple different options for that.

I have a couple more sticks and I will probably try to whip those with an oil and make some sort of body butter.

Overall, I love this stuff. If you don't have some pure Cocoa Butter somewhere you need some!