Saturday, March 21, 2015

Contemplating Using All Natural Products Exclusively

I've been paying more and more attention to the ingredients in things that I eat and use on my body. The more I look at ingredient lists, the more wary I become. Most of the stuff in beauty products I can't even pronounce and couldn't even begin to tell you where they come from. 

And that scares me.

But does it scare me enough to want to use all natural product? It does...and it doesn't. 

Some may say that if it wasn't safe for use it wouldn't be in our cosmetics. Maybe. I don't think that most companies have our best interests in mind. Unfortunately, most companies are only interested in making money. And then maybe something is safe in certain doses but what if you use that particular ingredient in multiple products?

It's some scary stuff.

I'm not ready to go all natural with makeup. Natural mascara, foundation, lipsticks....they just seem like they would be extra hard to find decent things that I could love. And I can't exactly make mascara, foundation, etc.

I am considering going all natural for haircare, soaps, and other bath and body stuff.

Stuff I could potentially make myself. 

Lotion is the easiest thing to replace. Coconut Oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, shea and cocoa butters all make EXCELLENT moisturizers. These also moisturize the hair really well too.

Deodorant is definitely something I need to try a natural version of.  I have long been afraid of the potential side effects of using it can cause. 

And soap is pretty easy to get all natural. Body Wash-not so much. But I prefer bar soap anyway. 

But the problem is I like reviewing more commercial stuff. Even if it means using things with not so great ingredients. 

I think I may alternate. That way I'm not using all chemicals all the time and I get to review a couple natural things too.

As for body moisturizers I don't think I'll review a lot of natural alternatives for that because I already bust out the Shea Butter once a weak as a moisture boost. This week I thought I would use pure cocoa butter. Man was that hard work to get on. Shea Butter melts so much easier but by the end of the day it was complete worth it. My skin had never been softer than when using pure cocoa butter. And it smells delicious too. 

Anyway, it is an interesting subject.

Where do you stand? Do you pay attention to ingredient lists?

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