Saturday, March 14, 2015

Etsy Soap Haul: RadiantlyLuxeBeauty

I have finally took the plunge and ordered off of Easy. I love browsing all of the homemade stuff on there. It was like 2 in the morning and my weary mind all of the sudden HAD to have a dupe of Honey I Washed the Kids by Lush. So at three I made my order. 

I bought for soaps for around $20 shipping included which averaged to around five dollars a bar. No too  bad price wise.

So first things came with a sample. It's a Patchouli Orange Melt and Pour sample. I'm not really into glycerin soaps but I will take a soap for free! I've already used it as a hand soap....and I can already tell you it's not my type of scent. When I think Patchouli Orange I think of Lush's Karma. I love that scent. This smells like real oranges, brown sugar, and maybe some sort of patchouli. I really don't like the combo of orange and brown sugar. It reminds me of this shower gel I had a couple of years ago from the body shop called "Jolly Orange."

Next up is Honey. It smells a lot like Honey I Washed the Kids...but I think that one was a just a little more toffee-ish.

I got Pina Colada also. I'm not a fan of Pina Colada scents. I remember having the Bonne Bell lip smacker and I always just felt so so about it. But I saw someone on youtube with a Pina Colada soap from a different company and I had to try it. I don't think I've had anything pineapple coconut scented in my adult life and it's good to give things a second chance.

Third, I chose Oatmeal Stout. I love oatmeal scents...and I've never had a beer soap. So I picked it up. It smells like Oatmeal and spices. My favorite Oatmeal scent is still Lush Porridge though. I'm not sure this smells good enough to sway my mind but I shall see!

And lastly...this may be my favorite. It smells really good. Like a fruity punch type scent. I don't pick up Blueberry or lemon per say but it's a nice fruity smell that's not too fruity. I can't wait to use this one.

I almost forgot..customer service was excellent. I received the soaps in about two days. I did have to contact her to change my shipping address because it was automatically set up to my previous address and she got it changed right away! Yay!

If you do order from them I recommend taking the soap out of the plastic. When in the plastic they smell like plastic. But once you take them out they smell much better.

Once I get though the other soaps in my soaps in my soap drawer I can't wait to try these out!! 

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