Thursday, March 12, 2015

Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss in Pout

I feel as if I have been reviewing a lot of Smashbox products lately. But this one should be the last one for awhile. I got this a little over a year ago in one of their holiday sets. They have actually discontinued these glosses but I still see them sold in some Cosmetic Company outlets so I figured I would just do the review for it. This is the last one in the set and my least favorite of the bunch- although I can't say I liked any of the other glosses.

Smashbox claims:
What it is:A sheer, ultra-moisturizing lip gloss.What it does:Drench your lips in luminous color and shine with this ultra-moisturizing formula that keeps lips soft and smooth for hours. Available in a variety of long-wearing shades and three advanced color formulas for a range of dazzling looks that enhance your lips like never before.What else you need to know:Sheer Color: Full of shiny polymers and pearls with a hint of glistening color for three-dimensional shine. The brush applicator wand flawlessly coats lips.True Color: Vitamin E and sunflower seed oil nourish with a touch of creamy color. The doe-foot applicator wand perfectly contours lips.Full Color: Saturate lips with brilliant color. Vitamin E moisturizes and the high-pigment shine goes on smooth and lasts for hours. The doe-foot applicator wand ensures color precision and control.

I really hate this color. 

It's the type of color that a lot of skin tones should be careful with .Especially deeper skin tones. This looks like glossy ash on my skin tone. It's not flattering AT ALL. Unfortunately I see a lot of women my skin tones that will rock this type of color.

This is probably the face I make when I see it.

 It almost always looks UGLY. Especially in photos. It's basically a light milky lilac-y pink. 

It's not hard to make it wearable though. All you have to do it use it over a pink lipstick or pencil. I find it's best if I just dab a little in the center. Then it doesn't look so offensive. But as a $20 lip gloss I expect more than just a pale pink topper. I paid around five but I would have been pretty mad if I paid more. There are plenty of drugstore shades that are similar to this at a better price.

The texture is pretty thick which is what I hated most about these glosses from Smashbox. 

The scent is not like the others in the set though. The others smelled of Vanilla which was pleasant. This smells like cinnamon. And while I like the scent of cinnamon this doesn't smell good at all. It's a very off cinnamon. Like cinnamon baby wipes.

I'm not a fan. I will finish it up (hopefully!). Not a shade I would recommend though.

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