Monday, March 30, 2015

Successful Twist Out!!

I've only been natural since 2008. Yes, I know forever! I'm trying to make it seem like a short amount of time because in those years and years of natural I have never worn a twist out.

I am the queen of wash and go's!

Twisting is just too much work. Every now and then I would attempt to twist (ok, like three times) and it just didn't come out right. 

This by no means is right, BUT it's a start. I would wear this out!

I was so excited I tried to take pics with three different cameras. And I threw on some makeup. Hello Candy Yum Yum (by MAC).

I used a mixture of some Shea Butter I mixed up and Fantasia IC Olive Oil Gel that has my hair feeling kind of dry. But I really need to use up the container so....

Anyway, that's my twist out. 

What are some of your favorite products to twist with?