Monday, April 20, 2015

DIY Turmeric Face Mask

A long time ago I bought a container of turmeric. I needed it for some recipe I was making. I went through a lot to get it. I was in Germany at the time and didn't feel like driving the 20 minutes to the base to pick up turmeric. The german stores were right up the street from me...I just needed to figure out the German word for Turmeric. So it was me and google for awhile....and finally I figured it out. Circuma in German, and Haldi if you are from India. Ran to the store and bought it...then ended up never using it.

But waste not want not. 

I found out about the Turmeric mask and decided I would give it a go. Apparently it is used in India. Before a couple get's married they used a turmeric mask all over their face and body. Sounds good to me.

The recipe I used is turmeric, yoghurt, and honey. No measurements. I try to make enough for one application, if there are leftovers I save it for next time. Just mix until you have a paste. 

Then apply with your fingers or a foundation brush- foundation brush for when I'm being fancy- and let it dry, then rinse. If you want it to exfoliate a bit scrub it a little as you are rinsing. Couldn't be easier.

Turmeric is supposed to be anti-aging, help with wrinkles, acne, hyper pigmentation, and diminish facial hair over time with consistent use (a certain combination of ingredients). 

I didn't notice any differences until about the third time I used it. My skin started looking more "radiant".  No dull skin here.

I also noticed it helped with dark circles and some scars seemed to have faded a bit (although it may be due to be slathering my face in cocoa butter every night). I have also noticed less problems with blackheads over time.

The honey leaves my skin feeling moisturized...and yoghurt is great for the skin. I have swapped it for buttermilk though and got the same great results. Just try to use whole milk yoghurt because I read somewhere it's a little better when you do a mask. I always have a tub of yoghurt anyway....

I have read of it staining skin but I haven't had that problem. If you have lighter skin that may be something to watch out for. Definitely try it on a day or night you don't have anywhere to be just in case it makes it look like you are related to the Simpsons!

Turmeric is not only good for your skin...I've read of people taking turmeric powder everyday because it's anti-cancer and helps with joint problems. I have been trying to sprinkle some on veggies but I'm not too consistent. 

Overall, I recommend it. I will be using it until I'm out of my Turmeric powder...then I may try to make my own powder. I found some fresh turmeric in my local health store.