Monday, April 20, 2015

Donell Jones

Not one of my favorite artists but he has a couple songs that take me way back . Like 6th grade back. When people listened to CD's. I'm so glad they invented the IPOD. Now you can carry thousands on songs in your back pocket. No more mix tapes/CD's. Any who....

I had just started collecting my own music. I was always a big fan of Toni Braxton (since I was 4) and I found a CD that had Toni on it so I picked it up. I really only wanted the Toni Braxton song but the option of purchasing one song didn't really exist. It had some good songs on it though lucky for me because I blew about 1 month's worth of allowance on it. Or more likely my lunch money.

It was worth it though. It had Donnell Jones "Where I Wanna Be" included and I loved it from the first time I heard it. 

He has some other stuff that I like to listen to every now and again but they don't come close to Where I Wanna Be. I love how he was man enough to break it off with her instead of cheating.

But here they are anyway:
You Know That I love You
I'll Go- From Love and Basketball
No Interruptions
Have You Seen Her- LOVE this one!
Better Start Talking
You Know What's Up with Left Eye

Now I'm off to listen to Where I Wanna be on repeat....because I'm currently obsessed with it.