Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Worst 5 Perfumes

Scent is a very subjective thing. I can hate a fragrance that someone else absolutely loves and vice versa. A lot of it has to do with how the scent reacts with your own personal body chemistry.

That being said.....these are perfumes I think smell absolutely awful no matter who you spray it on.

1. Baby Phat Goddess- This was one of the first perfume reviews I did on my blog. There was a time I was completely obsessed with the brand. I had the sneakers, jeans,  a couple dresses, shirts, and this perfume. To get straight to the point this smelled like cheap streetwalker perfume. I wouldn't buy this for my worst enemy.

2. Queen Latifah Queen of Hearts- I hate this scent. Enough that I gave it way before even a fourth of the bottle was gone. I don't know what's in it thats so offensive to me but I really can't stand this perfume. I thought the queen would have done better!

3. The Body Shop White Musk- This has been around forever.....so I thought it would smell good. I can see where they were going with the scent but it doesn't quite make it for me. It smells like old lady perfume. I don't think I'll ever want to smell like an old lady, even when I am one. I vow to be the sexiest smelling old lady when I get to that age..ha.

4. Calgon Pear Caramel Body Mists- Ok...so I'm cheating and this isn't technically a perfume. But they do the same thing and I have nothing else to stick here. This smelled absolutely horrific. Like the worst caramel scent mixed with tons of alcohol. Never. Again. 

5. Jennifer Lopez Deseo- Really didn't like this one. I think it was too "cologne" like for me. Plus I'm not a big fan of water/ocean type scents. And the bottle is weird. 

So there you have it...my list of the worst perfumes.

What are some of the worst perfumes you've had?