Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Samples Review:Clinique Smart Repair Serum, Derma Doctor KP Duty Scrub, Bliss That's Incredi-'peel'

I've had quite a couple samples over the years thanks to Sephora and Nordstrom...and I don't usually give them a thought beyond trying it out, then chucking it in the garbage. Skincare samples have never convinced me that I need to purchase because everything ends up...average. Besides, you really can't tell much from using a product one or two times. But since I'm never going to actually purchase any of the products (due to my new "natural skincare" standards) I figured I could share my thoughts on some of the samples I do have.

1. Clinique Smart Repair Serum-  One oz will run you about $60...which is quite steep and nothing I would actually pay especially considering the ingredients. It has a TON of stuff in it...and most of the better ingredients fall towards the bottom of the list. I think this serum is very gimmicky- they expect you to believe the serum can just sense where your "damaged skin" is. Does anyone actually believe that? Anyway, I did use it..I had enough for about two days. To make a long story short- I hated it. A couple hours after I applied I had four new pimples on my face. And I skipped moisturizer just to see what it did to my skin on it's own. Let's just say my skin felt rough and very coated but not even a hint of moisture. It felt pretty thin, had no scent, and had a slight orange tint. 

2. Derma Doctor KP Duty Body Scrub- This scrub will run you $46 for 16 oz. Definitely on the higher end for a body scrub. When I chose it as a sample I didn't realize it was for people with KP which is a skin condition. I don't have KP so I can't remark on whether it works for that. I just used it on my arms and neck. It felt like a regular scrub...honestly I can't tell the difference between using this and much cheaper scrubs. It smells like Eucerin Body lotion and is just very...boring. I wouldn't purchase this..but then again I don't have KP. Also the ingredients aren't that great in this either- it uses the plastic scrubbing beads that are pretty controversial as being bad for the environment and animals. I would rather stick to all natural salt or sugar scrubs....

3. Bliss That's Incredi-'peel'- Bliss marketing is pretty amazing. There's is something about the packaging that makes me think it's a true spa brand...but most of the things I have tried have been disappointing. Like this! These pads will run you about $50 for 30 pads. They are supposed to give you the same results as a professional peel. I've never had one of those and am not likely to ever get one...especially if the results are like this. They do say you need to use these for about a month to see changes...but based off this one pad, it's not something I would purchase. I wasn't too happy with the ingredients list..and it basically left me with the same results as using a very good toner (apple cider vinegar diluted with water). It didn't have any added fragrance but it did have a scent that was neither pleasant nor offensive. Overall, I definitely would not purchase these. I think I'm finally over the Bliss  Marketing.

Overall, I sampled three pretty expensive products and wasn't very impressed with any of them. Better luck next time!