Monday, May 25, 2015

Why I Stopped Using The Body Shop Body Butters

This post may be a bit premature considering I just reviewed a body butter yesterday...but I figured I would do it anyway. I have reviewed about 30 different kinds-give or take a few. That's quite a bit....for the most part you could say I like them. But I won't be using them anymore and this is why.

I've always been aware that most of the cosmetic products I put on my body contain a lot of different chemicals. I post ingredient lists on almost everything I've used and tried to highlight good ingredients; but I can't ignore bad ones anymore. At least not in my body lotions. I apply them nearly everyday over a large portion of my body and wait for them to sink it. That's right..I wait for things like glycols, phenoxyethanols, and EDTA's to sink in. Of course all of these things are approved for use in body care but I believe one should do their own research and decide whether or not those ingredients are something they want to use. I'm not saying these are something I'm going to eliminate completely (although I should), but I'm going to try as far as lotions go.

One of the reasons I've been so stuck on The Body Shop is because I love that they have fair trade ingredients. Like I said I take that with a grain of salt...but lately the prices on some of their products are increasing...from as low as $16 a body butter to now $21. Now if they said they were paying a little higher than "fair" wage, maybe I would understand. But they aren't. Of course they do have pretty good sales so that is pretty redeeming...but still! Plus I just woke up to the fact that there are more companies than The Body Shop that implement fair trade.

Of course, I had a little trouble sticking to my guns when I saw one of their body butters show up in TJ's for $6. And their new green tea line was tempting me too...but ultimately I resisted and I'm proud. I'm up to the challenge of finding nice, all natural moisturizers! 

If The Body Shop sold some of their fair trade ingredients in their 100% natural forms I would probably be right back into them. Usually they will make you think you are buying a natural product but they take a perfectly good product and add junk to it...for example their Cocoa Butter stick and their Tea Tree Oil. They have an argan oil line...but why not sell a bottle of their pure argan as is?

Oh, and one more seems The Body Shop gives away a lot of their new lines to bloggers/vloggers..which is really cool-except most of the reviews I read from bloggers/vloggers that get it for free leave a lot to be desired! I don't feel like I'm reading honest reviews and 

 I think that's all I wanted to say ...I'm not completely done with The Body Shop- I may still pick up their perfumes every now and again but for skincare and body care...NOPE!