Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Worst 5 Lip Balms

A couple days ago I did my top 5 lip it's time for the worst 5!! I actually think I have more than 5 so I will probably have a couple of honorable mentions...

Let's begin!

1. Kiehls Lip Balm #1- Nothing more than overpriced Vaseline! Didn't smell too good and for some reason made my lips peel everytime I used it.

2. Aveeno Essential Moisture Lip Conditioner- This one smelled nice but it did absolutely nothing for my lips. Aveeno has great marketing though because I expected an excellent lip balm...and got drier lips instead.

3. Lush Eggsnog Lip Balm- Great ingredients but the's nothing like Eggnog! For some reason I noticed when I would use it too often it would actually dry my lips and make the peel.

4. The Body Shop Shea Lip Butter- I've tried more than this one- I had the Coconut and the Lemon. The main problem is the white cast it gives to my lips which is not cute! I paid $8 for ashy looking lips. Never again! -and it was also pretty drying.

5. Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in Vanilla Bean- I'm glad Bonne Bell tried to make more natural lip balms but they failed epically. This stuff was so gritty. Not a look I was going for.

Honorable mentions:
Kind of odd to call them honorable mentions but these are balms I wouldn't purchase again mostly because of scent.

Blistex Fruit Smoothie in Berry Explosion- I hated the scent....
Burt's Bees in Acai Berry- Again with the nasty berry scent. Smelled kind of medicinal. 
Burt's Bees Honey Lip Balm- Worked great BUT the smell was horrible.

As you can probably tell scent is important as far as lip balms go for me. The smell is right up under your nose so anything that smells bad is a big no no for me.

Anyway, these are the lip balms I wouldn't recommend to anyone....What are some of your least favorite lip balms?