Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Nail Art Haul

Lately I've been into nail art. My interest in nail art wavers...I can be super into it and then other times I forget all about it. A couple years back I picked up a couple Konad plates but had a hard time finding ones that would ship to Germany for a reasonable price. I had no idea there was a cheaper plate out called Born Pretty which you can get on eBay for under $2 and free shipping.

So I picked up a couple.

Here are a few I got.

This one isn't a Born Pretty plate- But I like the star image.

I love owls so I had to pick this one up. It's already kind of scratched up but it still works!

Love the animals...This would look amazing on a yellow/orange background!

More star images. Not sure what was going on that day but apparently I needed every star image plate I came across!

Bought this plate for the heart image....I just love it! I think I'm gonna use that one first!

And then I found some really cool decals. Which I've never been into...because I thought they were hard to apply. Shame on me! 

I picked up some Wonder Woman nail decals because I want wonder woman nails and I can't draw.

Then I picked up some Martin Luther King decals from Nail Dots and Malcolm X from Cha Cha Nails. I want my nails to be socially conscious!

Not sure how that design is going to turn out but I'm excited to start!

And that's it! I have enough to keep my occupied for awhile.