Monday, June 15, 2015

Navy Smoky Eye

I really need to practice my smoky eyes....kind of. I can make it look nice in person- however when I take photos of looks like I can't blend. 

It's hard for me to pull of dark eyeshadow anyway, I tend to look best in brighter colors. Plus, I haven't  found a navy I really like. They are so dry and hard to work with....and the pigment isn't usually that great. But I have found one that seems to make a decent smoky eye. But it doesn't do well in almost any other application. 

I used Urban Decay Heroine...and added a shimmery blue on top with a couple of blend out colors. 

For some reason it's not picking up as blue as it is in person. Ah well....practice makes perfect!! I wish I had a peach nude lipstick to have paired it with! And don't mind my brows....I really need to get them done!