Thursday, June 11, 2015

Pay Attention to Those Expiration Dates!!!

I don't know if I'm just paying better attention but I've noticed more and more products that I buy have expiration dates.

Which is a great thing! I always wonder about those dusty products you sometimes find in beauty supply stores. How long have they been sitting there? Are they expired? Is it safe? When were they produced? I would really appreciate information like that. 

But you don't get that with most products. Most products do have the little symbol that shows how long a product is good for after it's open. For example this lip balm tin shows it's good for 30 months after you open it.

I usually go through my products pretty quickly so I'm usually within the time frame. Except mascara- I tend to keep that until it dries up. I know I shouldn't but I do.

But that's not what I mean. I'm talking about products that have real expiration dates that say straight out This product expires June 2017. It just seems to communicate that the producer of the products care about making sure the consumer uses it in timely manner. That's GREAT to me. 

After I noticed expiration dates on a couple of my products I started checking some other stuff I have for expiration dates. What did I find? A deodorant I bought last year had expired sometime in 2012. And it wasn't a cheap deodorant. Yeah, that sucks! I wish I had noticed it when I bought it. Shame on the store that sold it to me.

Anyway, just thought that was pretty cool so I wanted to share it!