Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Your Shape Fitness Evolved Cardio Program Complete

Two fitness posts in a row...why not? I have had this game for a while now and have burned almost 10,000 calories on it. Go me!

I rotate my games often...which is why I haven't played this one as much! 

Basically you take the test and based on your fitness evaluation it flags personal training programs that can help you reach your goal. The first one I chose was a Michelle Bridges routine....and after a couple months completed it. I don't remember much about it (except it was boring) so maybe one day I will do it again and do a review.

Second time around I chose the cardio program. There are three different levels. I started out as a beginner....and eventually progressed to the advanced. The problem is there is no measurement for when you hit the next level. It just seems to happen randomly which isn't very motivating to me. I like to know I have to do beginner for 6 sessions and move on and so on and so forth.

The next problem is that it is very boring. It picks two exercises like the leg curl or side step and you repeat the same exercise 5 more times on the advanced level and 3 more times at beginner. 

Another thing I thought I would be doing a bunch of different exercise but it basically has about four routines....of the exact same exercise.

The good news..it's exhausting. I would do about three sets and be complete exhausted. The cardio program also builds quite a bit of muscle. The moves aren't pure cardio...it has you squatting and lunging all over the place. Not much upper body workout though. 

It does have a calorie count that's not the most accurate. Sometimes I burned a lot more...sometimes I burned a lot less.

At the end of the program- which I did sporadically. It was so boring I could only tolerate it about once a week and I definitely would abandon it for long periods at a time, my leg muscles are stronger and solid. I can do more of the cardio routine and take much less breaks. 

I found this vid on youtube in case you are curious what it ends up looking like.

It's not a program I would be eager to try out again. There are a couple more programs I am interested to try out. I think I will start on the toning program next just to see what it offers in terms of that. Plus the more muscle you build the more calories you are burning, even at rest.