Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Am I a....Beauty Hoarder?

I don't think anyone wants to be a hoarder of any type. Especially after watching that show Hoarders. It's not hard to want to be a hoarder of cosmetics. The marketing of it is actually genius. Palettes in cute, luxurious packaging that will have you drooling to add it to your collection even though you own most of the colors in it.  At least that's how it can be for me. 

When I was in college I came up with a couple rules to keep any tendency to hoard beauty products in check. I only had about six nail colors, one foundation, two eyeshadow palettes (mini), a blush, and like two brushes. I kept it really minimal.

And I'm stilly trying to. Just not as successfully!

I went through all my makeup yesterday to see what I could throw out. I only came up with two things, an ancient double ended Avon brush that's been on it's last legs for forever. And an old MAC Backtrack liner. Well, I threw it out then realized I could Back to Mac it so I dug it out the trash again, cleaned it out, and added to my back to MAC stash. 

I defnitely have some more stuff I need to get rid of. Like my old Ecotools brushes. I don't use them at all...but for some reason can't let them go. It's weird. I think I need a plan to keep myself in check.

1. Nail Polishes- I definitely allow myself to have more than 6 these days. If it can't fit on my polish rack I don't buy it. Meaning I need to finish up a nail color before I pick up another. Which is a good thing. I have some nail polishes that I've had more than six months and have never used once.

2. Eyeshadow- I have a problem with hoarding eyeshadow. I have more than I can possibly use and some I've had for quite awhile and have never used. And I'm still tempted to buy more I  know I won't use those either. I'm currently on a shadow no buy. 

3. Foundation- I pretty much use foundation one at a time. But I have a couple sitting in my backups. I got them for a better price than what they retail for. I'm on a foundation no buy too!

4. Blush- For awhile I went crazy collecting NARS Blush. And I never wear them. It's like I'm saving them but for what I don't know. I definitely don't need any more blushes! 

5. Lipstick- I don't collect lipstick. I hate having two very similar shades. Sometimes when I'm in the store I'll be checking out a color and want to buy it but I already have something pretty similar so I don't. There are a ton of colors I don't have in my collection....and I do plan on trying some of those. Just not yet!

5. Mascara- I have one back up and a couple samples. I pretty much use these one at a time too. No reason to have a ton open. I do have one backup in my stash though!

6.  Brushes- Brushes are my favorite. But I was buying them so quickly. I think it's better to collect them slowly. So I'm slowing down. I still want the whole MAC Brush collection. Not that I need it.

7. Skincare- By skincare I mean facial moisturizers, cleansers, etc. I don't collect these at all. I buy them only when I need them! Kinda, lately I have two bars of soap I intend to use on my face. They were a great price though. As for moisturizers, scrubs, masks-only when I need them.

8. Soaps- I hoard soap. I have like 7 backups at a time. But to be fair I go through them pretty quickly. I probably don't need as many backups as I buy but I can't help myself..I just love soaps! I only buy them now as I use them up.

9. Moisturizers- I used to hoard The Body Shop Body Butters. They would have great sales and I would buy them and just have a stack of them. I don't use them anymore though...I try to use something more natural. I've been using Shea Butter lately and I do have about four separate containers of the stuff. To be fair, I use it on my hair, lips, and body so it's pretty multipurpose. I have a couple sticks of Cocoa Butter too. 

10. Scrubs- Lately I have a mini collection of scrubs. I keep finding the Deep Steep one's in my TJ Maxx for great prices and I can't pass up a good deal!

11. Hair Stuff- I don't really collect hair stuff. I stick to one Shampoo/Conditioner at a time so I buy those as needed. As for hair styling stuff I use to be pretty good at buying it as needed. But I do have a stash of Bedhead straightening stuff. I should probably throw that stuff out! Other than that I'm using a gel in my hair, and I have a backup moisturizer.

And just because check out the pictures I have hanging above my makeup area! My little sister painted them for me. Aren't they beautiful?

Anyway, I'm trying not to be one of those people that participates in consumerism just because. I think I appreciate my stuff more the less I have if that makes sense. 

Do you have hoarding tendencies? Have you cleaned out your stash recently?