Saturday, July 11, 2015

MakeUp Mistakes I'm Currently Making

It never hurts to review your makeup application and make note of things you are doing wrong or need to practice. So that's what I'm doing today and thought it would make an interesting blog post. That way a couple months from now I can review what I've said and see if I have actually improved.

I can tell you right off the first mistake I'm making. I watch a lot of youtube vids or girls applying their makeup. There are plenty of people that can do makeup and then people that could use some help themselves. I tend to look at the people that could use a little improvement simply because it's more entertaining.  One thing I haven noticed is that the people I tend to watch where full on cake face ALL the time. And they also tend to wear every trend from the last decade on their faces at the same time as well.   I'm talking thick sculpted brows, heavy contour, bronze goddess, dewy highlighted face, feline cat eye, full coverage cake face, false lash glam and on and on. And I found myself sort of imitating it!

Not full on...but I'm glad I realized it now so I can tone it down a bit.

1. Overblushing- Blush isn't supposed to look like two circles of color on the cheeks. It's supposed to be blended. And you don't have to wear the whole pot! But I've been watching ladies that wear super visible obvious blush and I've started doing that to my face! Part of it is because my usual every day blush wasn't showing up as much with my summer skintone so I was adding more and more until one day I looked in the mirror and was like enough is enough. I've toned it way back now which is a great thing! You can kind of see the blush overload in the picture down below from when I was trying on glasses. It looks better in the pic but not so much in person.

2. Heavy Foundation- For years and years I've worn the smallest amount of foundation. But I watch people that love full coverage and tend to add at least two pumps of foundation. So in attempt to get fuller coverage...I was piling on a little more! Foundation is not meant to cover everything. It's just to make your skin appear more even toned not cover every little blemish. That's why they make concealer! Silly me!

3. Bronze EVERY look- I watch a lot of youtubers that no matter what they add a ton of bronzer/sculpting. Not every look needs to look over bronzed. But there I was applying bronzer ALL the time. Not subtle bronzer but very obvious bronzing. Luckily I'm not too heavily into contouring. It seems every company is coming out with a contouring palette but I'm over it. For a lot of people I see doing it, it's WAY overdone. And I've seen so many instagram photos of women that end up looking very "fake". 

I thought I would just start out with three for now. No reason to go overboard! One thing I haven't gotten into is the new obsession with highlighters. I've seen so many people pile on foundation and cover up the skins natural glow....then add a highlighter. It makes NO SENSE. So I'm sticking with my one highlighter...and I don't use it everyday. In fact I rarely wear it. 

That's all for now. I'll work on these three for the next couple months.

Are there any "mistakes" you are making? Let me know in the comments!