Monday, August 31, 2015

Brown Girls Not Allowed

It's Rant Time.....

I was perusing beauty shopping sites again. I haven't been buying anything but I like staying updated on the various new products that come out. It seems more and more companies are doing palettes that include eyeshadow, as well as contour products, and setting powders. Usually in shade medium.

As though the only skin tone is medium. 

Forget about darker skin and fair skin. Like we don't exist.

Take Too Faced....they have a natural face palette. And this is the only shade it comes in....

Nothing lighter, nothing darker. Lately it does seem like they have been trying to improve by releasing a deeper bronzing shade and more deeper shades in the Born This Way Foundation. But they still have work to do.

And brands like Benefit that don't like to release shades that are any deeper than a brown paper bag. Remind you have anything?

Ok, they do have ONE dark shade in their Hello Flawless. That's not good enough though.

Benefits not the only brand that does that. Maybelline does this all the times, then MONTHS later they will introduce one more "deep" shade. *rolls eyes

And if they do offer any darker shades they offer TWO. Yes, of a range with 18 shades, there will be only two deeper shades. 

Many times I see a new foundation that comes out and I would really love to try it out, but the deepest shade is natural tan. Looking at you, Revlon.

So much for the US being a melting pot. Is it really that hard for brands to come out with an ALL inclusive range? 

Ok, I'm done.

Rant over.