Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Regina's Apple Turnovers

Years and years ago I made fried apple turnovers. And they were pretty good. This time around I saw a baked recipe on the Let's Eat Fiction I decided to make those.

They were ridiculously easy....and pretty good. 

I did swap out the pre made dough for a homemade "crescent" dough which my little sister made. We spiked it with a little wheat flower to make it healthier- if it's possible to make sugary Apple Turnovers healthier.....

Overall, they were good. I think there might be better recipes out there but this wasn't a bad one.

Oh yeah, these come from the show Once Upon A Time. Which I don't watch....maybe I should. I see it one Netflix and I love fairy tale based movies. Have you seen The 10th Kingdom? That's one of my all time favorite fairy tale based movies. Maybe I should read the book...because I've been waiting for part two and it's starting to feel like it will never come out.

Click Here for the recipe.

Next time I come across a recipe like this I think I might try making some puff pastry and putting it in that....