Monday, August 31, 2015

The Biggest Loser: Program Complete

Another four weeks have passed and I have finished another program. And a book (A Feast for Crows-Game of Thrones). At times I loved and hated the program....much like the book. If you watch the show and dislike Cersei, she's even less likable in the book, but her chapters were the only ones I actually liked from the book- besides Arya, Alayne/Sansa, and Jamie. 

Anyway, let me stop getting sidetracked and tell you about this program. 

It was four weeks. The first week I did six days a week...and the last three were 5 days a week. My sessions were 30 minutes and included box fit, yoga, and circuit training.

I like the's probably my favorite and I definitely noticed improvement from session to session. I also love the box fit, it tones your arms. The circuit training is something that I used to absolutely hate. Now depending on how I feel that day, I really love it- or I wish I hadn't started it.

I didn't lose any weight...well maybe a pound but I'm sure I gained it back because I was eating a little junk food every now and again. I did tone up some muscles. Underneath the chubbiness my muscles feel rock hard. Awhile ago I used to talk this guy that had really really nice arms. Well, his whole body was pretty nice. I loved to touch his arms....although I used to control myself because I didn't want to come across as a complete creeper. Anyway, my muscles kind of feel like his (underneath the chubs)!

And my legs...I have a new muscle popping out that was never there before.

And I improved my stamina on a couple of the exercises.

One thing I should mention, this game makes a different part of your body sore every week. My workouts were supposed to focus on the core but to be honest I feel I worked every area EXCEPT for my core.

I'm quite proud of myself and will be starting another program next week (Harley Pasternak for XBOX). Wish me luck!