Monday, August 10, 2015

Experimenting with Cream Blush: Stila Convertible In Freesia

The two main type of blushes are cream and powder. For years I've mostly stuck to powders, but I figured it was time to start experimenting with cream blushes.

From what I've heard powder blushes are recommended for oily/normal skins..while cream blushes seem to be recommended for dry skin. My skin is combination. So my cheeks can get pretty dry and at times powder blush can look a bit dry on my cheeks. 

I've had this cream blush for a little longer than I care to admit. I haven't used it much to be honest, and it's probably past it's prime. But since I've run out of my everyday blush I figured it was time to find a new one.

First thing I learned is I hate cream blush in a palette. The eyeshadows would kick up powder and I would have blue eyeshadow in my pink blush. Not a good look.

To get it out the far I'm not a fan. 

I don't like the texture of this blush. I don't like using it with a brush because it's hard to get it evenly on the brush. And blending it takes longer than blending a powder blush for me. And it's not that pigmented- at least on my skin tone. 

I thought this color was a solid cream color but it's kind of metallic looking once it gets on my skin.

And the smells like cheap makeup. But Stila Convertible colors are pretty expensive at $25 a pop. 

Once it's's extremely subtle. It looks ok, maybe a little glow-y It does stay tacky feeling. Like it hasn't properly set. Of course powder can help take away that feeling but I don't always wear powder.

To be honest it's not worth the effort of putting it on.

The great thing about Stila is that you can use them on the lips. But I don't like them on the lips. This particular shade I need to line with a liner. But just as I'm not a fan of the texture for the cheeks, I don't like it on the lips. It can be streaky and it just feels like I have goop sitting on my slips. Plus the pigment sticks to certain parts of my lips and look kind of weird. 

Not nice looking....

I don't know...I'm not a fan. I do need to experiment with other brands...but so far I'm just not feeling it.