Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Samples Review: Tom Ford , Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Creme of Nature Moisturizing Milk Mask

I haven't bought any makeup in quite a long time. I'm really trying to focus on using things up and only purchasing if it's something I need (if I needed makeup that is!). But the other day I was in Ulta and I saw a blush that I'm considering adding to my collection. It's the Urban Decay Blush in Bittersweet. *Drool

Mostly I need this because I have never tried a purple blush and I'm curious as to how it would look on my skintone. I think I might just go ahead and get it after I finish up my current everyday blush. Either this or La Femmes purple blush. 

Anyway, let's get to the topic at hand. I've been working on clearing out my little bag of samples and these are just a couple of thoughts on some of the samples I've used up lately.

1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance- These days I've been using my MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre,which I hate because it doesn't last on me. I mostly use that for everyday (even though it sucks) but when I need my shadow to last I dig this out. I think this might be my favorite primer  so far. It really seems to keep my eyeshadow on longer than any other primer I've tried, including Urban Decays primer. 

2. Creme of Nature Moisturizing Milk Mask- It seems like Creme of Nature came out with a million different deep conditioners in their Argan line. First thing I need to mention, this stuff smells awful. Kind of like the other products in the line but super strong and a bit more masculine smelling. As for how my hair felt? It felt OK. It's your average deep conditioner. I wouldn't buy it because the scent was horrible. Not for me. (Plus I'm not a fan of their ingredients).

3. Tom Ford Velvet Orchid- Last up we have Tom Ford Velvet Orchid.  I've heard a lot about Tom Ford cosmetics but never anything about his perfumes. For good reason. This really didn't have a scent to write home about...but then again it was hard to smell because the sample was super stingy. What I could smell didn't impress me. 

And there you have it. Only thing I would actually purchase is the Too Faced Shadow Insurance.