Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Beauty Video Pet Peeves

I've been watching makeup tutorials, hauls, reviews, etc since 2007. And I have learned a lot about how to do makeup and how not to do makeup. It can be a great resource once you figure out who to follow and who to watch purely for entertainment.

So let's get started.

1. "______ on FLEEK!" - There are a lot of phrases that become popular and get on my NERVES. Fleek is probably one of the dumbest words I have ever heard. And the real meaning is supposed to be something to do with passing gas. This is a definition I found at urbandictionary.com. "A mixture of the words fart and gleek - used to signify a fart that squirts a little, or a fart that splashes a few drops of moisture on your underwear. The liquid may not necessarily be fecal, as when you fart with a sweaty butt crack."

Umm...yuck! Death to the word fleek.

2. Addressing Haters- Not a lot of "beauty guru's" address their haters (I really should put quotation marks around the word haters too.) But some do. And it annoys me to no end. Actually anyone over the age of 18 that talks about their "haters" is getting a serious side eye from me. A very serious side eye indeed.

3. Sponsored Videos- Actually I don't mind sponsored vids as long as the person is honest about them being sponsored. Sponsored to me means you got the product free or you're being paid to make a vid about it. All of that affects your opinion. I've seen some people on youtube that make up all kinds of lies to keep from being forthright about sponsorship. Oh yeah....affiliate links need to be disclosed too!

Phrases such as

"SOME of the above links may be affiliate link"- Ironically, usually all the links are affiliate links.

"Although some products have been sent for review I always offer my 100% honest opinion about it"- SOME products doesn't count. Tell me WHICH product. Otherwise....

 It just scream dishonesty. It should be specifically disclosed whether that product has been sent for free. I have seen some people snake around it by including the product in a faves or tutorial to get around the disclosure. I take people like that off of my list of people to watch. No views from me!

4. J-Lo Glow- According to many guru's, Jennifer Lopez is the only woman that glows. She does have nice skin....but is she truly the only celebrity with healthy looking skin?

5. Kylie Jenner lips- 99% of people that overdraw their lips...shouldn't. It usually just make it look like that person applied their lipstick in the dark or it's a bad formula and it's traveled outside the lips unintentionally. I just can't wrap my head around people walking about like that. Let alone someone that makes tutorials doing it. 

6. Kardashian contour- I'm so sick of the Kardashians. And I'm tired of people acting like Kim Kardashian was the first one to contour her face.  I also hate the super obvious "I contoured my face today" lines. Also. I see a lot of people contour their faces the way they saw in a video. Everyone's face is different....there is not only one way to do it. 

7. Oh MY GOD! I'm like OBESSESED!!! - I didn't realize how much this word was getting on my nerves until I overheard a show that had Kim K (I hate myself for mentioning her again)....and she mentioned some dumb thing she was obsessed with. From then on, anytime I watch a video and that person mentions that they are obsessed with their blush/foundation/ eyeliner/mascara etc. I get a little angry inside. 

I'm like soooo obsessed with finding words to use instead of obsessed (See what I did there? No. Okay.)

Words to use instead:
I eat, sleep, and breathe this (insert product)
It's a start.

8. This Little Guy- I don't know why I hate when people refer to their makeup as "this little guy". Maybe because it's over used. Maybe because it sounds stupid. Either way.....why? I get referring to your child or your pet as "This little guy", as long as they are male. I just don't get calling your eyeshadow or beauty blender "This little guy".

This little guy though, man is he cute!

I think that's all for now. Do you have any Beauty Video Pet Peeves?