Friday, September 25, 2015

Current Makeup Faves (Top Five)

My hamstrings and my triceps are slowly but surely killing me. I don't even want to move...all because of my current exercise program. But I keep going back for me. Luckily for me, today was the last workout this week. I did deadlifts and tricep extensions energetically, not knowing the pain that was in store for me. And I'm not sure what happened last time because usually when I do them (they are modified) I don't feel too much. I guess I learned to do them correctly. Anyway, this post is not about improving my body, it's about my favorite makeup products that I use to improve my face. 

1. Covergirl Ebony Bronze- I definitely didn't get the hype when I first bought this bronzer...but I guess there was just a learning curve. I originally bought this with the intention of creating bronze stripes on my cheeks. Like a contour or something like that. Which is silly because I KNOW what a bronzer is supposed to do, and I know the striped look is not attractive. Youtube tutorials had me messed up! Anyway, once I remembered what bronzer is for, I loved it. I use a pretty big brush to apply (MAC 134 or E.L.F Complexion brush. It doesn't seem like it's doing much at first. But once I take a step back and take a look, I love what it does for me. It adds a subtle reddish bronze to my skin that makes me look much better than if I hadn't applied it. It's a must try if you have a deeper skin tone. And it doesn't break the bank. 

2. Clinique Intense Chubby Stick in Grandest Grape- I love this because it's so easy to apply and the color is super pretty. I can throw mascara, concealer, and this on and feel put together. I need to do a full review on it!

3. Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara- I didn't like this when I first bought it...but after awhile it dried out and now it gives me insane volume AND length. I don't think I would purchase it again but I am enjoying using it for now.

4. NARS Lovejoy- I love NARS blushes...and I think I found a new favorite. This just seems to be the perfect neutral blush for me. If my everyday blush doesn't work with what I'm doing I reach for this. 

5. Smashbox on The Rocks- These shadows are the photo op eyeshadow formula. I don't use this as often as I should....but I think I might need to! The shadows are super soft, creamy, pigmented, and last nicely without a primer. Smash box doesn't make shades that make my heart stop but they are great for staple colors. I can't wait to see their holiday release for this year!

So those are some of my current favorites! What are some of yours?