Saturday, September 26, 2015

Makeup I've Hit Pan On

If you are a makeup junkie then you are probably familiar with the sense of accomplishment that goes with hitting pan of your makeup. It seems like the silliest thing but I love finishing up products...and seeing the pan lets me know I'm getting close.

So here are the things in my collection I've hit pan on.

1. Covergirl Ebony Bronze- I wrote about how much I loved this yesterday. I seriously never thought I would hit pan on it (I don't bronze up every look!). It's just the teeniest amount of pan showing but it still counts! It will probably take me forever to use it up, but when it's done I plan on trying the Shea Moisture bronzers, if I can find it. 

2. Makeup Forever Peach/Orange Shade in Camouflage Palette- At one point I used this up every day....I don't use it as much because it has to be set and I'm a bit lazy. Plus, concealer is not part of my everyday look. I'm a conceal and go type of girl. I have a feeling I will get more use out of it when I go back to a powder foundation. 

3. L'oreal HIP Duo in Mischief- I haven't hit pan on this because I love it. On the contrary I hate it and tried to use it up to get rid of it. The shadow doesn't have much pigment and ends up just looking like ashy glitter on me. I do love the black matte shadow though. It's pigmented and very blendable. I need to try to use it up.

3. L'oreal Hip Duo in Showy- Unlike the other one, I haven't used this one up because I LOVE it. I've heard it's a dupe for MAC Parrot which I've never had. This is the shadow that made me believe I could wear bright shadow. I need to just go ahead and use it up. The navy color isn't too bad either...just a little dryer in comparison the other matte shades I have. 

4. Maybelline Fit Me Pressed Powder- The pan on this has been showing forever. I pretty much hate it but am determined to use it up! Only have a bit more to go then I'll be chucking it and good riddance!

5. Stila Cream Blush in Freesia- I'm not a big fan of this formula and I'm pretty excited to almost be down with it! I finished my NYX blush in Cocoa not too long ago so I've really been plowing through the blushes. Yay!

6. Too Faced Brow Envy Setting Wax- And last but not least, the setting wax in the Too Faced Brow Envy Kit. This isn't my favorite because it can be tad shiny looking but I use it every time I pick up the kit (which I don't love). As long as I blend it out good it's OK though.

And that's it! What have you hit pan on? Are you happy when you hit the pan in your makeup products?