Sunday, September 27, 2015

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigment Loose Shadow in Potent Purple

I grabbed this eyeshadow completely by accident awhile back. I wanted the CREAM eyeshadows and didn't even realize that Maybelline made pigments. Most drug store brands don't have pigments. The only one's I remember were the L'oreal HIP ones awhile back which were excellent so I figured I would keep it anyway and test it out. 

Maybelline claims: 
Only our color-boost pigments create powerful color intensity.
Our no-mess sifter guarantees easy application. Stays put up to 24 hours. Dare to wear explosive color.

Why You'll Love It

Dare to wear intense eyeshadow color! Double- dipped pigments create double color intensity for your most explosive eyes.

Superior long lasting eyeshadow staying power.

Intense pure pigments in our crease-proof, longwearing formula create explosive color for wear up to 24HR.

One of my favorite eyeshadow colors is purple. Actually for years and years my favorite color period was purple. Purple's are probably one of the easiest colors to pull opposed to greens, yellows, oranges, which can be a little more intimidating.

So like I said, I picked this up completely by accident. I swatched it even before I got into the car and I wasn't impressed at all. I got home, tossed it in the drawer and forgot about it. Every now and again I would go to pull something else out and see this. It wasn't until recently that I realized I needed to at least try it out on my eyes.

When I first swatched it, I hated it because it barely seemed to show up, it didn't pop against my skin tone, and it was patchy. I got all this from a hand swatch. But as you know, when you wet a pigment it usually transforms. It got a little darker, and little more intense! And I actually really started to like the color. Color me surprised!

Unfortunately though, wetting it doesn't solve the patchiness problem. Sometimes it applies nicely, but most of the time I get nasty patches. And at times it can go on a little clumpy. It's just a really finicky shadow! And I learned I absolutely cannot get away with wearing this without a primer. Without it the shadow fades like nobody's business. In fact, it still does fade just not as quickly. But I will admit to having problem eyelids. 

The best thing about pigment is the variety of uses. You can add them to lip gloss and create your own custom colors. Which is what I did. It wears OK. it wasn't AS patchy as it looks in the picture. But a purple liner underneath could help with that. As long as you aren't eating or anything like that it stays OK.  Definitely unique if you like unique shades for the lips.

I also tried it as liner (mix with water, eye drops, mixing medium)  but unfortunately it wasn't as popping on my skin tone as I hoped. It's not bad for a subtle purple liner though.

I did take swatches of some purples I thought might be similar from my collection. Urban Decay Betrayal is brighter and has a blue duo chrome to it (LOVE), and MAC Parfait Amour has a pink/purple duo chrome look to it.

Both Pics: Urban Decay Betrayal, Maybelline Potent Purple, MAC Parfait Amour

I almost forgot to talk about the packaging, which is cheap plastic. It's functional but........ugly.

And the price. It's listed at $6.99. I don't remember exactly what I paid but that sounds about right. You only get 1.5 grams. Which really isn't a lot as far as pigments go. And just something to think about....Maybelline pigments are $4.66 a gram and MAC are $4.88 a gram. Just something to think about!

Overall,  I love the shade. It makes the perfect purple smoky eye or pairs well with navy, gold, lime greens, black. Really the possibilities are endless. Just be aware that it will make you work.